What is the difference between a thesis and dissertation?

The graduate student has to face some problem in submitting their assessment. They need to prepare lots of files, and writing work, one of them is the dissertation. Most of the students are confused in dissertation and thesis. What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation? They both are different terms and used to make the students confused. They both have the same structure but have a different meaning. If you will get the task for writing, so it is essential to make the doubt clear otherwise, you need to face some problem.


The thesis is an academic paper which is written on a smaller topic. The topic is consisting of all the methods but having a summary. It is used to get a master’s degree. The dissertation is a term paper which is based on a single topic with a very long process. Every single detail is added in it and having a proper research methodology. It is usually written to attain a doctoral degree.

Basic difference

The thesis is a kind of project that marks the conclusion in the content, whereas, the dissertation is used to do the study of science.

They both have a difference in meaning and their works, but the similarity is in their structure.

The thesis is a compilation of research that proves the knowledge about the topic is informative or not. The dissertation is the opportunities which contribute new knowledge and the formation of different aspects.

Structural differences

The thesis is a sort of research paper where you are familiar with the topic. It means you know the topic and you need to write the thoughts.

The dissertation is that part where you need to select a newer topic and make the research on the topic.

The thesis may not consume lots of time in writing, but the dissertation needs more time to write.

They both are written with the same format but having a different concept.

If will get the opportunity to write the thesis, then it is essential to get all the knowledge about its writing.

So, these are some differences in dissertation and thesis. Make it sure that what you want to write and what your professor has asked you to make. They both have the same format as methodology, objectives, reviews, and many others. As you start writing the dissertation, makes sure that you have written some outline.