How To Get A Bachelor Degree In Accounting?

If you want to have a career in accounting, the way to go is to get a Bachelor Degree of Accounting. This degree is an undergraduate academic degree in the accountancy field which allows its holder to practice as professional accountants. It is a degree that is hugely popular among students as it provides them with opportunities to work with numbers while opening doors to good career either overseas or in their home country. The curriculum followed is highly customized which requires one to study sufficiently for professional practice in auditing, taxation, financial accounting, and management accounting. Once graduated with this degree, graduates can further pursue the CA (Chartered Accountant) or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or any other designations to further their career. If you like crunching numbers, this the degree to get. So, hear you go to read every details of bachelor degree in accounting in this article.

Due to this highly customized curriculum, not all universities in the world offer this professional degree. Also the length of the course varies in different countries. For e.g. in United States of America, Bachelor Degree of Accounting is a four year undergraduate course. But most companies in USA prefer to hire candidates who hold a master’s degree.

Online Accounting & Finance Courses

If one is looking for another option to get a Bachelors Degree of Accounting, one can enroll for an Online accounting degree program. Online accounting and finance courses offer a range of business management topics as part of degree. Enrolling into these courses could be simple for personal enrichment. Nowadays many corporates get into alliances with universities to provide online courses for their employees to allow enable their potential and accelerate their career path.

Some of the accounting and finance courses offered online are mentioned below:

Finance, Economics, & Decision Making: In this course, students learn how to make educated and smart financial decisions by collecting and analyzing financial data and applying this data to achieve company growth. This course helps understand the various components that are part of international business dealing and all about investments.

Managerial Finance and Accounting Course: In this course, students learn how to manage business funds to achieve an organization’s financial goal. This course also provides instructions to students on how organizations use financial information and reports to make educated decisions affecting its products and services. They get to learn techniques for financial analysis and about external financing, issues with capital structure and valuation of a business or company.

Financial Accounting Course: In this course, students are introduced to the principles of managing an organization’s financial accounting system. They get to learn to analyze this information and understand the organization’s financial status. They also learn how an organization’s financial accounting system is used to generate an income statement and balance sheet.

Accounting Systems Course: In this course, students are exposed to the best practices and computer technologies that allow one to manage and design accounting information systems. They learn about the process used to detect fraud and how to keep information secure.

Auditing & Ethical Standards in Accounting Course: In this course, students learn how auditing plays an important role plays in the accounting process. They not only understand about the practical and theoretical roles of auditing but also the ethical implication of it.

Real Estate Finance and Investment Basics Course: In this course, students learn to apply accounting and finance principles that help their business client determine tax, future benefits and the cash flow of real estate assets. Real estate projects have their own risks and rewards and understanding them, they can make recommendations on financing, and investments are taught in this course.

Hotel Accounting and Finance Course: In this course, students learn about how accounting and finance procedures make a hotel operation profitable. Students get to review the various accounting procedures, abbreviations and business rules used to generate reports for management and financial statements.

Non-profit Organizations & Government Accounting Course: In this course, students explore what basic finance and accounting procedures are needed in nonprofit and government organizations. This course focuses on fund-related accounting, capital project funds, long-term debt and fixed-asset accounting. Measuring output to generate report on performance and to prepare financial statements for these types of organizations is also taught as part of this course.

Accounting Schools Online

All online accounting degree programs are different. The best online accounting schools offer a combination of good reputation, accreditation, reputation, strict academics, satisfied graduates and affordable tuition.

University of Alabama-Birmingham, Collat School of Business: This school of business is unique as it provides options of both online and onsite classes. Both are taught by the same experienced faculty. Their online course in accounting program gives students accounting and business foundation that can be applied to many careers in the field. UAB has 30 years of accreditation by the Association to AACSB.

Northeastern University College of Professional Studies: This school offers a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting for all who like crunching numbers. Not only are the fundamentals in accounting skills and knowledge drilled into the students, this course enhances the overall analytical and quantitative capabilities of the students. The course is accredited by AACSB.

Penn State World Campus: This school offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an accounting specialization. This 18-credit accounting option provides students with a deeper understanding of business core ethics. Business degrees earned through Penn State are accredited by the AACSB.

Washington State University College of Business: The online bachelor’s degree by this business school teaches students the principles of business management and taxation. The online degree in accounting is accredited by the Association to AACSB.

Clarion University: Clarion has an online course named Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. It has an accounting major degree program available on a part-time basis. This program is ideal for working students as it helps them gain the necessary knowledge to procure a career in accounting. Clarion has regional accreditation as well as accreditation by AACSB.

Accounting is pretty hard but if you think that you are good in it then don’t be afraid to give it a go. Just remember that all efforts are paid off when you graduate.