Film Review Essays

One of the most common assignments in academic writing is the “film or film review”. Although it seems fun in the beginning, but the students need to carefully watch the film, not always out of entertainment but also for educational purposes. When it comes down to writing the film review, students need to be very careful about the details. This includes the plot, theme, moral characters and at times dialogues and costumes.

Before the Film: Planning

Once you have selected your film, try to get to know more about it, how it was made, the actors and other important people involved. Research about the different people involved in the film, their past works and suitability of the role in the current film. Students should also try to make out if this film is based on a book or some historical event? All this information gathered by the students actually helps them understand the film being reviewed better.

During the Film: Observing, Listening and Feeling

How will the reader know your opinion about the film? Simple, they will read your review. But for readers to understand the review they will look for scenes, layouts, character details and information relevant to the film and that too through the student’s eyes. , the students will need to pick up any and all details necessary i.e. quotations, trademarks of the actor or director, and probably have more insight into important story elements. Students will be able to make the readers understand how the film lived up to the expectations, in case it was a sequel or a remake, how did it compare to the original, or the book. All this information helps students write the proper book report they are required to submit to the institutions.

After the Film

As a student reviewing a film, one of the most important tasks is usually to give an opinion of the film. Eventually, this is where you give your opinion. Student need to justify their opinions using the information they had collected before the film and during the film. This information will be used by the students to complete the film review. Students need to express themselves clearly when telling the readers how they felt about the film, explain in detail. The opinions really matter, in case your review was too good and the film wasn’t you would be wasting someone’s entertainment money.

Review: No Points Missed

Once the student has been able to complete the review, students should make sure they review their work and try to match with the notes taken. This will help them recap briefly, all the points and nothing is left out. As mentioned earlier, most readers want to know about the film before getting the tickets. Students should also review the flow as well, basic ideas, story buildup, some important moments are also important so make sure you explain the key moments. Students should keep the film outline brief and simple.


Film reviews are at all levels, student and professional. The difference between the two are few but important. To begin with, students need to tell the story, professionals don’t. Additionally, students have a lesser word count restriction as compared to the professionals. This goes to show that students need to be precise and articulate properly the idea behind the film, characters, themes and all other details within limited words. Good luck in completing your film review!