Cabal – Destiny Guide

Cabal – Destiny Guide

The Cabal are a large, rhino-like species that inhabit places such as Mars and the Twilight Gap. They are powerful, especially at close range, and are well

How To Farm Cabal Kills In Destiny 2

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In this short guide, i’ll show you how to farm cabal kills in destiny 2 really fast. If you have a quest, where you have to kill a lot of cabal, this will help you out a lot!

Some quests in destiny can be tiresome, so it is very important to have some strategies for getting through them as fast as possible so you can get to the fun stuff! I really hope that this guide will be a great help for you and will make your experience in destiny 2 better.

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Cabal Harvester Dropship: Harvester Hijack | Destiny | Mega Construx

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Cabal Harvester Dropship: Harvester Hijack | Destiny | Mega Construx

Destiny Easy Cabal Centurion Hakke Sniper farming Guide

I apologize for the audio if its weird but i’m using my potato recorder for audio 😀 i ate the potato afterwards.

Destiny Guide – Cabal Major/Ultra Bounty – (Patched no majors now)

Simple bounty just kill 10 Cabal Majors or Ultras

Best place to do this fast is on the Exclusion Zone on Mars, there is a dropship that drops 9 Cabal Majors, Kill all except 1, then die, you will respawn in front of the dropship, just shoot the rest that you need and you will be done

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